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What Are Animal Rights

Animal Right

Animal rights have been a more popular subject in recant years. Extensive media coverage of animal cruelty have led to the creation of more harsh penalties for those found guilty of animal cruelty. In addition, animal testing continues to be debated in the media. Animal rights include the right for an animal to be cared for properly. That right includes access to clean, fresh food and water. In addition, the animal has a right to shelter. For example, animals that do not live in the home, must have access to the home or to an outdoor shelter.Animals must also be cared for when they become ill and that its the owners responsibility to receive that care for the animal. Animal rights also include access to the proper vaccinations which will keep that pet safe. An animal right also includes the absence of cruelty. While this includes pets, it also applies to animal testing. There has been a big push for new laws and regulations to prevent cruelty in animal testing. In fact, here has been a push to ban animal testing outright. The animal right to have a life absent from cruelty, also applies to farms. This right extends to treatment during the animals life, as well as the manner in which it is slaughtered. In general, farm animals are now required to have more room than they had in the past. In addition, more humane slaughter methods are used.

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