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Animal Rights Explained

Animal Rights

Animal rights background

Animal rights have become a popular subject. The treatment of animals has been brought to the spotlight because of cases in which there was extreme cruelty. In addition to publicizing animal fighting rings, animal testing and pet abuse, there has also been a lot of attention for the rights of farm animals. In fact, many farms have granted animals access to larger spaces and utilize more humane methods of slaughter.

Animal rights activist

Animal rights activists have brought much needed attention to several issues. They have brought attention to the abuse and neglect suffered by many animals in the entertainment industry, by showing pictures and videos to the public. In addition, animal rights activists have begun campaigns to rescue animals from kill shelters, so that the animals can be adopted, rather than put down. Animal rights activist have also lobbied for better laws and regulations which punish people for animal abuse and neglect.

Animal rights organizations

Most animal rights organizations have a specific focus, such as the treatment of farm animals, public education campaigns against fur and other issues. The organizations may have a specific focus, but overall, animal rights organizations have the shared goal of protecting and promoting animal rights. The groups often lobby for changed in laws and regulations, in order to prevent cruelty and promote the proper treatment of animals.

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