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Cosmetic Industry Uses Animal Testing

Animal Testing Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry has been testing on animals for decades. However, many companies have stopped the process, as the public outcry against the process has been more widely publicized. In addition, many cosmetic companies have found alternative testing methods or utilize only natural ingredients in order to lessen the chance of a human reaction to their products.

However, animal testing cosmetics is still utilized by many companies. The companies may use a variety of animals in their tests. Often, the animals are exposed to the ingredients separately and again when there is a finished product.

Cosmetic animal testing may include having the animal ingest the chemicals to see if that poses any danger. In addition, the chemicals are generally applied to their eyes to see if there is a reaction, as well as their skin.

Cosmetic testing on animals includes as variety of tests, using many types of animals. In some cases, the animals may not be harmed. However, in many cases, the chemical cause great pain and discomfort and animals are then killed when the testing is over.

Public outcry against the process has certainly lessened the frequency of the process, but many companies still use the animal testing cosmetics process. The process is unfortunately less expensive than alternative testing in some cases. However, companies often find that the public will no longer purchase as many of their products, once the animal tests are publicised.

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