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What Are The Animal Testing Pros and Cons

Animal Testing Pros And Cons

Animal testing pros and cons background

The debate about animal testing has been raging for decades. While companies argue that they are simply trying to protect consumers, animal rights advocates argue that there are other methods of testing available. In most cases, there are in fact other methods of testing, which may include computer simulators or other non lethal methods, that do not injure the animals.

History of animal testing

The history of animal testing includes many debates as to the necessity of the testing. The process of testing on animals has been around for along time and continues to be used in many industries. The process however, may have changed as new regulations are in place to prevent extreme cruelty to animals. In addition, the manner in which animals are put down after testing has also changed to ensure that the process is not as cruel as it had been in the past.

Animal testing cons

Animal testing often involves unnecessary cruelty to the animals because there is often a lack of regulations. In fact, many animals suffer needlessly as a result of animal testing, as seen in the recent case in New Jersey where Beagles were left alone in a building to die of starvation after testing was complete.

Animal testing pros

Animal testing pros include access to safer pet medications. Pets are now able to recover from illnesses which previously would have ended their lives prematurely. In addition, animal testing has allowed for more innovative surgeries which can now help injuries to heal, when in the past those injuries could not heal.

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