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What You Need to Know About Deer Hunting Seasons

Deer Hunting Seasons

In some locations special deer hunts may be held outside of the regular deer hunting season. In many parts of the country, the land is unable to support the current deer population, leading to starvation and disease. For that reason, the state may open up a special deer hunt on certain tracks of land, in order to shrink the amount of deer in that area.

Most states have very specific dates for deer hunting season. The season may be shorter or longer than previous years, depending on the size of the deer population in the area. For example, in previous years, the deer hunting season may have been over a month long and later, that season may be shortened if there are fewer deer in the area.

Deer hunting seasons are used to manage the deer population, so that the land can support the size of the population,while minimizing the interaction between deer and people. When deer do not have enough land, they may eat from peoples gardens or eat from farm land, which can cause difficulties.

Deer hunting seasons may also include other regulations, such as the number of deer each hunter can take. They may have to take so many females, before the may take a male. There may also be regulations as to the size and age of the deer, as well as the locations where the deer may be taken form.

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