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Quick Overview to Hunting


Guns and hunting background Guns are regulated differently in each state. Although federal laws always apply, some states may allow certain types of guns for hunting, while they may be forbidden in other states. Guns and hunting regulations can differ greatly. While it may be deer season in one state, hunting may be prohibited in a neighboring state. Hunters must follow all applicable gun and hunting laws when taking part in the activity. Lacey Act The Lacey Act was enacted in 1900. The act was meant to protect all forms of wildlife, including plants and animals. Those that illegally obtain any type of wildlife and then possess or distribute that wildlife, may be subjected to criminal or civil penalties for doing so. These rules apply to hunters and can include penalties for failing to follow all hunting regulations, including the additional restrictions in the Lacey Act. Hunting accidents Hunting accidents often occur because hunters do not follow basic safety precautions. For example, a hunter may be shot when they are mistaken for an animal. If hunters wear an orange hunting vest as required, this type of accident is much less likely to occur. Hunting guide Hunting guides list the rules, regulations and laws in each geographic location. The guide will likely explain each hunting law in detail, including restrictions on the size of animals and the amount that a hunter is allowed to take. For instance, hunters may need to take two female deer to every one male deer. Fishing and hunting Fishing and hunting often require permits or a state license. In order to get a license, individuals may need to take part in safety classes, which would discuss the best way to avoid accidents.For example, hunters may be required to wear orange hunting vests. In addition, the classes may go over basic first aid. This is done to prevent accidents, to teach hunters to treat nature with respect and to promote ethical hunting practices. Hunting vs. poaching Hunting and poaching both include the same action. In both cases, animals are killed. However, the standards of practice involved inn hunting, differ greatly from poaching. Hunters must obtain a hunting license and they must kill animals in an ethical way. Poachers on the other hand, follow no regulations and they often kill endangered species. Deer hunting season Deer hunting season is the time during which hunters may kill deer. There may be a short season where hunters may use bows and arrows and a longer season where guns may be used. There may also be special hunt dates when a specific geographic location is no longer able to support the deer population.

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