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What Do National Parks Include

National Parks

National parks often include protected land and wildlife. The national park system is in place to protect the land and the wildlife that thrives there. There may be special efforts to prevent invasive species in national parks, as well as efforts to ensure the survival of native species.

National parks can be various sizes, but each offers protection to the wildlife that lives on the land. In some cases, the hunting of certain species may be allowed in a national park if the population has outgrown the land. In other cases, there are individuals that go to the park to remove invasive plant species.

Anyone found to cause damage to a national park, can face fines and criminal penalties. Although national parks are there for people to enjoy, they must respect the land while they are there. For example, it is often illegal to pick flowers or remove any plant or animal species from the land. This is done to ensure that there is no damage to the fragile ecosystem.

In addition to fines for removal of species, there are also large fines for those that are charged with polluting the land in a national park. Pollution can be as simple as leaving trash behind, but it can also include environmental contaminants, such as illegal dumping.

Many scientists believe that national parks help to ensure the survival of some species that would otherwise have no chance of avoiding extinction.

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